Gypsy Tango Cabaret
Marlene Sings The Tango
Gypsy Tango Cabaret Marlene Sings The Tango
The artists present a new show this evening which is immersed in tango, Latin Jazz, Gypsy Jazz and the European dance forms which appear in cabaret, opera and classic Hollywood movies.The explosion of the arts between the two great world wars in Europe is reflected in the international careers of Dietrich and Piaf. Both artistes were immersed initially in the local culture of Berlin and Paris, the cabaret clubs and bal musette, which would be represented in early 20th C film, and then later in Hollywood movies. German film makers were arguably the best in the world in the 1920’s and the Paris jazz scene had its own particular flavour with the gypsy jazz and the brilliant local songwriters and singers who dissolved many of the barriers between low and high culture. Opera and operetta were also touched by many of the same themes, and opera singers were among the earliest film stars .

Our programme today reveals some common themes in musical genres, linked by hypnotic rhythms of tango, gypsy songs and vals, Hollywood glamour and the political turmoil of the 1930’s with the displacement of whole populations all over Europe to great cities as far afield as New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and La Habana. ‘Marlene canta el tango…’ shows us how closely and emotionally the music of Old and New World influenced many composers and songwriters.Piaf and Dietrich both appeared in the night club Sans Souci in Miramar, the most exclusive suburb of Havana in the mid 1950’s. Oh to have been a fly on the wall at this time. We only imagine here something of the atmosphere of their ghosts in the great days of Cabaret, when Havana hosted the world’s superstars. We hope to bring you a tropical flavour this evening with our cocktail of music. Hasta luego!

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Last Tango
Violetta's Last Tango - an operatic dance-drama
The show is a fully staged and choreographed performance by the singers, two tango dancers and four musicians. The musical score uses 20 original tango arrangements with ironic operatic references. The storyline - an older woman/tango singer forced to give up her young lover - is very loosely based on Verdi's opera 'La Traviata' and the show explores, through song, dance and drama, the mixture of Italian, French and Argentine musical and cultural traditions which lie at the heart of Tango. The show is 90 minutes long with full cast but also exists in two 60 minute versions for 2 singers and 4 musicians and 2 singers/dancers and 1 musican. Please navigate through our selection of video's and images above.

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Photography by Marek Dorcik & Pawel Nuckowski

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Cuban Classics
A night in Havana
Cuban Classics
A Night in Havana features one of Cuba's most brilliant young concert pianists Marcos Madrigal and jazz virtuoso Omar Puente alongside opera singer Ann Liebeck in a programme of music by Ernesto Lecuona, Cuba's answer to George Gershwin and contemporary Cuban composers Omar Puente and Guido Lopez Gavilan and others.This theatrical evening evokes the glamour of 1930s and 1940s Havana, one of the richest cultural centres of that time with a set by designer Clara Zita and lighting by the South Bank’s Torus Robertson. Madrigal recently released his new solo piano CD recording CUBA Piano Works of Lecuona available on Amazon which has won a major prize in Paris-see links.

Marcos Madrigal - CUBA Piano Works of Lecuona

Le Trésor de Cuba

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An Afternoon
in Buenos Aires
An Afternoon in Buenos Aires
Ann Liebeck and Julian Rowlands invite you to take a stroll through Buenos Aires with Malena, the spirit of Tango.

Malena was a singer but now wanders like a ghost through the streets of Buenos Aires consumed with the pain of the memories of her life, singing her tango songs. She wanders from liaison to bar, and is now over fond of wine which she uses to dull her recollection of past romances. We perform music today from the Golden Age of Tango, the 1930’s 1940’s and also the Tango Nuevo of the 1960’s and 70’s. The themes are universal and ageless, the music coloured with classical Italian opera type melodies, melodrama, Afro Cuban rhythms and the atmosphere of the fairground. There,the outdoor Carousel spins our characters round and round to the sound of the bandoneon. One of Europe’s top tango musicians bandoneonist , Julian regularly appears on UK national television and radio and at major concert and theatre venues as a soloist and with Tango Siempre and other artists, notably Flavia and Vincent from Strictly Come Dancing. Composing credits include the Olivier-award nominated show Midnight Tango and Flying into Daylight (2014).

Link to full length concert:
Full Show

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Tangos for
Angels & Demons
Tangos for Angels & Demons
Tango Siempre Septet with soprano Ann Liebeck, baritone Nuno Silva and LUKAS award-winning (2014 and 2015) tango dancers David and Kim Benitez.

The theme of this programme is the angelic and demonic aspects of much tango music and lyrics, expressed in the insistent rhythms, soaring Italianate melodies and thick dark harmonies filled out by the iconic instrument of tango the bandoneon. The Angels and Demons are, however, also real people whose lives play out against the often surreal and violent landscape which is characteristic of tango poetry. Tango music has always been associated with the glamorous Argentinian and Hollywood film industry and this tango evening reflects our ‘hommage’ to this world with instrumental tangos from the Golden Age of the 1940’s and 50’s, a selection of the great Piazzolla vocal ballads in the style of Tango Nuevo, including Balada para un Loco (little heard outside Argentina) and some classic numbers from his tango opera Maria de Buenos Aires.

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